About Me

I have lots of hobbies, including running, hiking, lifting weights, and overall just staying in shape.  I also don’t mind a nice stiff coffee or a good brewski when out with friends.  I play both the guitar and piano, but I won’t say how well!  I have some geeky hobbies including watching movies and playing video games, which has led to me actually creating video games.  I have also made a few short movies and am into composing music as well.

This leads into my professional life.  I worked at Microsoft on the Xbox team since the Xbox’s inception, and experienced the launch of both the Xbox and Xbox 360.   While I was there, I discovered the ability to create and distribute “Indie Games” on the Xbox 360.  I made a couple of games and became hooked on that, eventually leaving my “day job” to do that full-time, forming the company Highbrow Games. This lasted until November 2013, when I had the pleasure of joining Bungie!