I like creating music. I wouldn’t call what I create “professional”, although some of it is catchy and that’s good enough for me!

Recent Original Music

Issaquah (2011)
I wrote this because Charles, my guitar teacher, stopped teaching where I live and forced me to drive to his nice wholesome town of Issaquah for lessons. I like Issaquah but I still reserve the right to make fun of it. I make fun of myself in the song too so that makes it okay.

Bavarian Song (2009)
I wrote this for Barf and Beer, I wanted to give it a lighthearted Oktoberfest feel. I sequenced it in CuBase.  Hopefully the last time I ever use CuBase!

Drink! Drink! Drink! (2009)
Also for Barf and Beer, this is the first public song ever to feature me singing and playing the guitar!  That’s just a technicality though, as it’s just a 10-second piece that loops repeatedly as you play.

The Swine Flu Song
Coming soon!

Old Computer Music

And now we harken back to the early 90’s! Most of this was written in high school, when my focus was creating music for video games before the advent of MP3’s, hence much of what I wrote was generated in real-time using samples or FM synthesis.   For the songs using Scream Tracker 3, you had to type the notes in one-at-a-time, how’s that for old school!

Ending theme to Star Wars Fan video (1995)
I wanted something that sounded Starwars-ish for the credits, without totally ripping off John Williams (not that he would ever be caught using sample-based synthesis). I used a sequencer for DOS and some instruments from my MIDI keyboard to make this.

Spaced Ending Theme (1995)
I wrote this on a sequencer I created for the Soundblaster FM chip.  It was the ending theme to the game Spaced, a PC game I made back in high school . Sadly this is the only song I made with it; the Soundblaster and FM music was becoming obselete at that time

Cloud Fire (1994)
I wrote this in Scream Tracker 3 for a game a friend was working on, but the game was never finished.

Battling Harpsichords (1993)
I also wrote this ridiculous song in Scream Tracker 3, I think it used just three instrument samples and two drum samples.   At least one was a harpsichord sample…

Unfinished Song (1993)
I had forgotten about this until I dug up the scream tracker file; it started out really cool but didn’t end so I just set it to loop… here ya go!


Don’t Fear The Reaper (2011)
 This is me singing and playing lead guitar for Don’t Fear the Reaper.  I programmed all the other instruments.  I only did the first minute; there’s no way I could play that crazy guitar solo in the middle of the song!  (Note – not an original song; it’s a cover of the classic by Blue Oyster Cult)

White Wedding (2011)
Again, I sung and played the guitars, and programmed everything else.  This time I did the full song just to say I’d covered a full song, but I doubt I’ll be doing this again since it takes a long time!